It’s class in a glass.

Quality tequila is about creating a moment of simple luxury.

Three Classic Tequilas


Pure, crisp agave notes


Mellowed to perfection


A velvety whisper of sophistication

Our Story

At El Nacimiento Tequila, we’re committed to bringing you an ultra-premium tequila that’s crafted with love and care from a small family farm in Mexico. Our tequila is made with the best blue agave plants found in the highlands of Mexico, grown by the family for over 100 years.

We use traditional methods, including donkeys to bring down the agave from the fields, to create a premium tequila that’s 100% organic and designed to be sipped and savored. When you drink El Nacimiento Tequila, you’re experiencing a premium taste that exudes elegance and class.

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“Tequila, as we know it in Mexico, is made to be sipped and savored, not slammed and put with artificial mixers. El Nacimiento is bringing tequila back to its roots.”

Co-Founder – Hector Arellano Jr


The Classic Paloma
If you decide to not drink El Nacimiento straight, this is your next best option