Our Añejo is an exquisite dance of tradition and luxury, a spirit aged to perfection in oak barrels. With each sip, experience the velvety embrace of complex flavors, whispering a tale of Mexican heritage and timeless sophistication

Vanilla, Caramel, Coconut, OAK

AÑEJO Silver 2018, San Diego Spirits

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The Details

The Details

Tasting Notes


El Nacimiento Añejo shines with a captivating, rich amber hue, deepened by its time in oak. Its consistency in the glass reveals its full-bodied, luxurious nature.


Upon the first encounter, the aroma of the Añejo invites intrigue. It unveils an orchestra of scents, featuring notes of caramel and toasted almonds, intertwined with hints of dark chocolate. Subtle whispers of dried fruits and spices, accompanied by the unmistakable hint of oak, pay homage to its time-honored aging process.


The first sip introduces a velvety texture, delivering a symphony of flavors that dance across the palate. Warm, complex notes of vanilla and rich, dark chocolate are met with the softer undertones of caramel and dried figs. The distinct agave sweetness remains, beautifully harmonized with the added complexity from its aging.


El Nacimiento Añejo leaves an elegant, lingering finish. Notes of toasted oak and a subtle, spicy warmth, reminiscent of cracked black pepper, grace the palate. The aftertaste is an ensemble of the rich flavors previously enjoyed, a satisfying reminder of a premium spirit enjoyed.
Please remember, everyone’s palate is unique, and these tasting notes should serve as a guide that may vary slightly between individuals. Enjoy the process of discovery as you taste El Nacimiento Añejo.



The ingredients list for all of our bottles is simple:

  1. Blue Agave Hearts:
    The piñas or hearts of the blue agave plant, harvested in their prime from the sun-kissed fields of Jalisco, Mexico, are the sole source of our tequila’s distinct sweetness.
  2. Volcanic Spring Water:
    Sourced from the pure springs flowing amidst the volcanic landscapes, this water imparts the subtlest of minerality, ensuring the tequila’s crisp, clear profile.
  3. Natural Yeast:
    Using proprietary strains of yeast, we convert the agave’s sugar into alcohol. This natural yeast lends unique floral and fruity notes to the spirit.
  4. Time:
    A significant ingredient not to be overlooked. With time, the tequila matures, mellowing and taking on the complex characteristics of the barrels they age within.
  5. Passion and Tradition:
    While not physical ingredients, the passion of our distillers and the rich tradition of tequila making that infuses each step of our process are essential components of every bottle of El Nacimiento Tequila

We believe premium tequilas should always be made naturally and only with the best of the blue agave plants. Each of our bottles utilized plants that are at MINIMUM seven years matured.

How to Enjoy

sip it, don’t Slam it
Classic in a flute:

This is the most traditional way to enjoy tequila in Mexico

Classic Paloma:

with grapefruit, lime, and the best tequila.


Margarita is always a classic but we have our own twist on re-utilizing agave.

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Classic in Flute




by El Nacimiento Tequila 2023

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