From plant to glass, only the best at every step

A time honored tradition, creating a peaceful luxury space that premium tequila deserves

About Us

Class in a Glass

Everybody deserves a moment of calm to feel relaxed and peaceful. That’s why at El Nacimiento, we approach tequila as a simple luxury, not a bottle service shot taking vessel for a night out.

Embark on a journey of taste and tradition with El Nacimiento. Founded on heritage and honed by modern craftsmanship, our luxury tequila brand is an unbroken lineage of passion, transforming the finest blue agave from the rich Mexican soil into an art form. With each sip, El Nacimiento invites you to partake in a story steeped in excellence and sophistication.

Our Tequilas

Are for everybody

Premium tequila is an everyday luxury we believe everyone should be able to participate in. That’s why we keep our pricing competitive and quality at the highest level, so you can enjoy the purest blue agave experience and not make it only once in a blue moon occurrence.

How it’s Made

The recipe that started it all

El Nacimiento has been making tequila for generations, but only recently started sharing the final product with the world.

Traditionally, the family was drinking the tequila for their personal consumption, and having the local priest over to share a flute with. Fast forward four generations and you can now find the El Nacimiento tequilas in limited stores and directly on this site.

Our production process

Only the highest quality blue agave plants are used to make the three versions of El Nacimiento. Below is the step-by-step process:

Cultivate Blue Agave:

Start by cultivating the blue agave plant in the red volcanic soil of Jalisco, Mexico. This plant takes around 8-12 years to mature.


Once mature, the ‘Jimadores’ – skilled harvesters – cut away the plant’s spiky leaves to reveal the heart or ‘piña’. The piña is then extracted from the ground.


The piñas are then cooked in traditional stone ovens or modern stainless steel autoclaves to convert the complex sugars into simple fermentable sugars.


After cooking, the piñas are crushed or shredded to extract the juice or ‘aguamiel’, which contains the sugars necessary for fermentation.


The aguamiel is placed into fermentation tanks, where yeast is added. The yeast converts the sugars into alcohol over a few days, creating a liquid called ‘mosto’.


The mosto is distilled at least twice in pot stills or continuous column stills. The first distillation, or ‘destrozamiento’, creates ‘ordinario’, and the second distillation produces ‘tequila’.


The resulting tequila is either bottled as a blanco or transferred to wooden barrels for aging. Reposado is aged for 2 months to less than a year, añejo for 1-3 years, and extra añejo for more than 3 years.


After reaching its desired age, the tequila is removed from the barrels, possibly blended with other tequila, and then bottled. Every bottle is sealed, labelled, and prepared for distribution.

Quality Control:

 Throughout the entire process, strict quality control measures are in place to ensure the tequila meets the premium standards of the brand.


Additive-Free, Handcrafted, and Organic

The ingredients list for all of our bottles is simple:

Blue Agave Hearts:

The piñas or hearts of the blue agave plant, harvested in their prime from the sun-kissed fields of Jalisco, Mexico, are the sole source of our tequila’s distinct sweetness.

Volcanic Spring Water:

Sourced from the pure springs flowing amidst the volcanic landscapes, this water imparts the subtlest of minerality, ensuring the tequila’s crisp, clear profile.

Natural Yeast:

Using proprietary strains of yeast, we convert the agave’s sugar into alcohol. This natural yeast lends unique floral and fruity notes to the spirit.


A significant ingredient not to be overlooked. With time, the tequila matures, mellowing and taking on the complex characteristics of the barrels they age within.

Passion and Tradition:

While not physical ingredients, the passion of our distillers and the rich tradition of tequila making that infuses each step of our process are essential components of every bottle of El Nacimiento Tequila.

We believe premium tequilas should always be made naturally and only with the best of the blue agave plants. Each of our bottles utilized plants that are at MINIMUM seven years matured.

How to Enjoy

sip it, don’t Slam it
Classic in a flute:

This is the most traditional way to enjoy tequila in Mexico

Classic Paloma:

with grapefruit, lime, and the best tequila.


Margarita is always a classic but we have our own twist on re-utilizing agave.

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Classic in Flute